Installation Guide

How to Install Wall Decals

AmericanDecals wall decals are an easy way to bring to life a room theme or to add a touch of fun. Read more about how to apply wall decals to your wall in just a few minutes below. For best results, be sure to apply your wall decals to a clean dry surface. If your wall paint is new, please wait 30 days to apply. Also, apply when the decals are at room temperature and after they have been laid flat for a few hours. Some of our more intricate wall decals may include transfer tape. This is a clear tape that is applied on top of the decals to help align the decals properly. You may find transfer tape applied to your decals, particularly if you ordered personalized merchandise or a wall quote.

For Vinyl Decals that include transfer tape, follow the instructions below:

NOTE: If you just painted your wall make sure you give the paint 4 to 6 weeks to dry before you apply the decals. Otherwise it will get ugly, very ugly.

Before you start, be sure your wall is smooth, dry, and clean. My wall decals don’t like textured walls-and frankly neither do I (but it should still work if it’s not too textured). Use a dry cloth, ex-husband favorite t-shirt, or embarrassing holiday sweater to remove any dirt or residue (spaghetti sauce, places where you may have sneezed) that may prevent our graphics from adhering. We suggest using plain old hot water as a cleaning solution (give it time to dry), finishing up by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol, which should make it ultra clean. Also, remember all decals are sensitive to extreme temperatures; don’t try to put them on an oven or chill them on the freezer. You might want to avoid bathrooms as well.

Plan your design first. Or don’t. You can randomly put our designs on your wall, but don’t come crying to us if it looks dumb. We recommend scotch taping our decals to your wall before you remove the white backing. Leave them up there. Live with them. And if you’re really into the scotch-tape thing, leave them that way. They’ll look like crap, but if you’re lazy enough to do that, it’s no skin off our nose. REMEMBER: You can remove the wall decals once you’ve affixed them, but you cannot re-use them.

Welcome to optional step number 2B. This is the step where we say this: if there are multiple decals on one sheet, you may want to cut loosely around them. Step 3 isn’t very optional: place the decal on a flat surface, graphic side up. Take the plastic squeegee (provided in your packaging) and smooth out any air bubbles (working from the center out) that may have formed during shipping. At one corner, separate the white backing with the translucent transfer tape and (in all capital, bold-faced letters so you know it’s real important) VERY SLOWLY peels away the white backing. If the decal is still attached to the white backing (more all capital, bold-faced letters) STOP PEELING. Re-press the decal (by denying it basic civil rights or just with your fingers) and then continue to slowly peel away the white backing.

You may need four hands for the next two steps, so unless you are some kind of Hindu God, please remember to con a friend or loved one into helping. (check YouTube video for ”the hinge method” by Kristofer Turner on How to Install large decals) Once the white backing is removed, be careful not to let the adhesive side of the decal fold on itself. Using just two of your hands, hold the edges of the clear tape and place one edge of the decal on the wall. Pressing firmly with your hand, move it slowly down over the clear transfer tape toward the opposite edge of the decal. Firmly press the entire decal to the wall with the squeegee, and then go over it with a rag to really seal the deal. Take a couple of minutes to admire your work and maybe enjoy a little TV or a smoothie.

Done watching TV? Was your smoothie delicious? Good. Now, to finish the transfer, remove the clear tape. Slowly pull up an edge of the transfer tape and peel away at a 45-degree angle along the face of the decal. If any of the decal sticks to the clear tape, don’t worry. Seriously. Stop pulling and re-press the decal to the wall then continue to peel off the clear tape until all the decal is sticking to wall, and finally discard the clear sticky nightmare. Or put it on a pet and see how long it takes them to take it off.

Look at you! You’ve just made your wall look awesome! You can call your mom and tell her the great news. Imagine what your parents might say! Like “You kids put stickers on walls now?” and then they just kind of wander off muttering. Regardless, nice work. If you feel like it, take a picture and send it to us We want to share your wall decal success.

STEP 7: SHARE & leave feedback!
I am proud of your adventurous spirit, and I want to share your wall decal success. Now it’s show time! Take a picture and send it to Did I say THANK YOU? Ok, and then THANK YOU AGAIN!